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Empty the crap from your mind

It’s no secret that I struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence levels, I talk openly about it b/c it’s normal, so normal that I think each of us has some degree of self-doubt that we deal with on a daily basis. What I wanna know is this: Are you ready to mix it up and take… Continue reading Empty the crap from your mind

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It’s been a while

Browsing through some emails, I came across an old comment that was posted here a year ago. Somehow I had managed to forget that I used to offload here and put my thoughts together. Oh, how life has changed since the last blog post! All for the better, thankfully. Not perfect, but I never want… Continue reading It’s been a while

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Update re my last post and an apology

My last post was my struggle with my role as a mom whilst enduring arthritis and off days and letting my kids know that I realise my previous moans to them were me projecting my own role/expectations onto them and I realised it was unfair. However, as I was writing what I’d put in my journal… Continue reading Update re my last post and an apology